Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, this is post number one for me. This has been quite and experience. I think God is really trying to work on us in this experiment. The fact is that a lot of people who say they are Christians don't really act as if their lives are totally dependent on Jesus. Sure, the whole sin issue is of course out of our hands, so we let him handle that. But what about other issues we come into contact with on a daily basis? Do we, as Christians, allow ourselves to be completely and utterly dependent on him in our finances, or our work ethics, or our relationships?

This is a painful question to ask; at least for me. A lot of times the answer is sadly 'no'. We live in a, as Dallas Willard describes, "consumer Christianity" mindset. We'll take what he gives us, but when it comes to really giving of ourselves (visiting the sick, elderly, poor, or imprisoned, spending time mentoring younger Christians, sharing the Word with those we know are not saved, ect.) we tend to leave it up to the more 'qualified' individuals. This is obviously not what Christ intended.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he didn't ask his followers to make converts, but rather disciples of him. This is why I am doing this Totally Dependent Experiment. I truly believe that anyone who is a Christian can do this. That doesn't mean that it is easy. Already I have had to deal with forgetfulness and a lot of personal realizations about things I'm going to have to leave behind. The things gained tremendously outweigh those lost, though. I have already noticed things that I didn't before about life, spirituality, and the nature of God. I'm excited as to how things will turn out in the future.

"Therefore go and make disciples..." -Matthew 28:19

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Beastlyone said...

Great points, Augustine. One of my biggest challenges is to realize when I cross over to "consumer Christianity". It is easy to not be vigilant and aware of what my own motivations truly are. Like the prodigal son, I have to come to my senses. Knowing there is a father waiting with open arms makes all the difference in the world.