Friday, March 14, 2008

~Silver Lining~

Totally Dependent

What is total dependence on God How might it be described
It is a care-free child Who worries not But lets life have it’s way
It is the lilies of the field Who neither labor nor spin Yet are clothed in splendor great
It is a loving mother Who wants God’s will for her child So she lets God take him away
It is the unity of family Through good times and bad Who pray ‘til bad turns to good
It is a tear in his eye As the doctor shows him the x-rays And he says, “Lord, let your will be done.”
It is the leader Who knows that the best way to lead Is to follow the One who knows the Way
It is the young woman Who breaks up with her boyfriend Because the relationship is not based on God
It is the minister Who walks into McDonald’s And wonders what difference he could make
It is the lost and helpless Who knows there must be more to life And resolves to search until it is found
It is the single mother Who weeps over her children And begs her Savior to provide
It is those with mustard-seed-faith Who ask God to do extraordinary things Through his own ordinary self
It is the homeless man Who knows that God’s definition of “prosper” Is different from his own
It is a teen Who decides to not follow the crowd But stand firm in what she believes
It is the performer Who looks past the glimmer and cameras And performs for an Audience of One
It is a man Who ignores others remarks And finds self worth in His acceptance
It is the oppressed Who gets back up and perseveres Though the world does nothing but push him down
It is the high school graduate Who won’t get off her knees Until the All-knowing has revealed His answers
It is the competitor Who knows his own limitations And asks the Lord for strength
It is the lawyer Who knows the truth of the case And asks the Spirit to guide his words
It is the young girl Who decides to wait And let God show her Mr. Right
It is the broken heart Which is poured out before his friends In honesty and humility
It is the child Who is kind to the outcast And in him finds a great friend
It is the love Which is shown by one Who does not demand love in return
It is the working father Who knows that things are hopeless And asks God to pay the bills
It is those Who endure suffering and disappointment And count it all pure joy
It is the old man Who rejoices for another day That the Father has allowed him to live
It is the ceaseless prayer Which pours out its heart For it knows that He will hear
It is the young couple Who decide to save their marriage By asking Him to join them
It is the woman Who lets go of the past And finally lets herself forgive
It is the hurt and confused Who doesn’t know which way to turn So she runs into the arms of her Father
It is the young man Who turns off his music For he knows it does not honor God
It is the little old lady Who waters her plants And takes delights in what the Lord has made

Total Dependence is the child of God
Who wakes each morning saying
“Lord, help me live this day for You.”


Beastlyone said...

Well done - so many pictures, which opens my mind to so many more. It presses us to see our dependence on God as constant, transcending any situation and trusting Him always as being the right answer.

Shane Coffman said...

That was an awesome post!

Zack said...

Thank you Silver Lining for this powerful poem! These are all awesome examples of what one looks like who depends on God. And thank you and all of those who participated in this challenge for sharing your thoughts and lives with the blogging community. God bless!

*Porcelain Heart* said...

Awesome! I was genuinely the point of tears. It was a great reminder of what totally depending on God looks like and is supposed to look like...a constant, everyday, everymoment decision to die to oneself for the glory of the Father. To put myself in the hands of my God. Total submission. Some of the things you listed I have done and some of the things I haven't. It reminded me that those decisions were never easy and it also reminded me how not just a few aspects but my whole life are to be given unto God in order to be totally dependent upon him.
~thanks for the reminder~

Cindy Yeats said...

Thanks for the time and heart put into this...I wish many could read this...a bulletin insert, perhaps. Very touching and thought-provoking. I was in tears at the way you've placed your word pictures....any and all can depend on God; we take our circumstances and lay them at the foot of the cross. Awesome poem.
I love your tenderheart. Cindy Yeats