Monday, March 10, 2008


These past couple of weeks I have been really busy, mostly with school projects. I'm sorry I didn't post anything last week. Half the reason why I didn't post last week was because of those projects. The other reason is that I felt like I didn't have anything special to say. I'm still not sure exactly what I have to say. But I do know that this experiment is changing me for the better.
I am now really realizing what a big role prayer should play in our lives. I still don't have an amazing prayer life, but with the help of this experiment it's making it a lot stronger. Now my prayers seem more like conversations between me and God, and I like it that way. It seems more real. I have been trying to think of other things that I can do throughout my day to keep my mind on Him other then praying. So in between classes at school I have tried to start singing songs about Him in my head. It keeps me focused on the important things, and it just seems to make me feel better.


~silver lining~ said...

I understand what you mean about your conversations with God being more real. It's amazing how close He wants to be to us if we let Him. I think it's cool how you are trying to concentrate your thoughts on Him throughout the day. You are a great encouragement!

Cindy Yeats said...

Great idea singing songs between classes. Did you know you can't be hateful, angry, or think negative thoughts when you're praising God. It's counterproductive. What a super way to keep your thoughts on the Creator. Thanks for the reminder.
Cindy Yeats